Friday, 27 July 2012

you will laugh


How Do I Add A Friend To My Hot Friends??

To add a friend to your hot friends:
Step 1: Click Friends          

Step 2: Click Actions

Step 3: It Comes Up With 3 Options; Send A Message, Add To Hot Friends Or Remove Friend. You Need To Click Add To Hot Friends. Then Refresh Your Woozin And Then It Will Show A Photo Of There Woozen!

How do I add a youtube video to my wallz???
In order to add a youtube video to you Wallz, you will need to;
Click On Wallz 

Click On The Youtube Icon

You will need to copy and paste what comes after in your URL bar of the video you wish to share. (Example:

Write A Little Message And Click Post And Done!!!

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Just A Reminder!

Hello New Woozens, 
Welcome to woozworld! You will have a faboulous time on our coolest virtual sight EVER!!!!! This Blogger will be updated EVERY Friday and sometime week days! You can make fabulous friends!!! Anyway On this website there will be help for all new woozens! If you have any questions for me please comment! 

Anyways I have to go now!
Please Watch this video aswell!
Thanx Guys

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